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The birth of man leads to
 many inventions & discoveries
But he himself is the creation
of the great CREATOR. The Almighty.

So lets be wise  enough
and remember our creator
and the cause of our creation

Which is to be noble enough to support other with all that we have and make this would a better place to live.

Thats what we believe  in and we ought  to practice  in our life,  A motto of  Dhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh Ji Education Society. Ah! its just an effort with the grace of  Guru Nanak to follow the simple and pious living preached by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and followed by plot many holy souls  and great warriors like  Baba Deep Singh Ji. A live example which history witnesses.

The project under taken by the Society  ( Dhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh Education Society Regd:)  hails from the pious blessings of  Baba Deep Singh Ji. It aims to enlighten the dark corner of one’s heart with the mightier weapon of education.  To preach one the correct ways of life which make us realise the goodness of our soul. You and me belongs to same community, that is Mankind
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